Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PnPAuthors Promotions Presents Author P.S. Winn

PnPAuthors Promotions
Note from Author: Hi I am Pamela Winn my pen name is P.S. Winn 
My newest book is "Phases" It is my 17th book. Found on Amazon @ 
Phases is a supernatural horror novel, but more than that Phases is about friendship. When George Johnson asks his friend Jake for help during the full moon's phase their friendship is tested. Because Jake is a creative writing teacher and an author readers will find excerpts from a few other books and book ideas inside the pages of "Phases"
I write not only novels, (10) but short story collections, 2 tall tales and 1 from the heart with uplifting messages about hard subjects. I also have 2 preschool books and 2 first readers. I love to write and also am a reviewer, over 470 on Amazon and over 2.000 on Goodreads. You might say I like books a little. 
Pamela joined PnPAuthors Promotions and we are proud to have her with us. We are spotlighting her book because she is an excellent author and her book is liked by all at PnPAuthors Promotions. We suggest you buy her book and find out for your self.
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